Friday, September 28, 2012

One year in Hawaii!

It has been one year, exactly, since I moved home.  And I'm celebrating by finishing up some work. lol.  I remember how miserable I was when I first got here.  I couldn't wait to leave.  Now, I'm longing to stay.  I've gotten comfortable, which means, I'll probably be leaving soon.  I'm truly blessed.  I work with good people.  I have a good family and the friends I've made here will probably be lifelong.  If you want to see what I went through each month since I've been here, you can go ahead and browse through the old blogs... you can also see me gradually getting fatter through each blog... I'm going to work that off though.

So I'm much too lazy to format this into an actual writing, so I'll make a list of everything I've done since I've been to Hawaii:

1.  Gained like 20 pounds, I'm sure.
2.  Performed my poem, three times :)
3.  Went on a dinner cruise.
4.  Took a trip.
5.  Joined a gym, that I'm probably going to cancel because I never go anymore.
6. Voted.
7.  Saved up my target amount.

....I'm sure there's more but I can't think that hard right now.

What I hope to do the remainder of my stay here:

1.  Volunteer at the shelter with Justin.
2.  Lose that 20 pounds.
3.  Skydiving.
4.  Visit a neighbor island.
5.  Save up enough.
6.  Go salsa dancing.
7.  Karaoke.
8.  Scuba diving
9.  Perform at a new venue.
10.  Win something.... I'll figure it out.