Sunday, September 25, 2011

Utah, Arizona and Hawaii.

Yes, I have more pictures than this but half of them were taken on my phone & the other half were taken on Katherine's camera, and we haven't uploaded those yet. :)  Anyhow, let me just say that I'd like to sincerely thank my friends who have put me up this month.  My plans have changed drastically, and my mind has been going full-throttle on how I'd adjust to those last-minute changes.  I had planned to have my own place in Utah, continue it out at my current job and travel whenever the mood would permit.  Unfortunately, that's not how things panned out.  My apartment turned out to be a complete bust, and although I was fully reimbursed for the rent, deposit and plumber I had to hire, there were many adverse times while I had my own apartment.  To make a long story short, I stayed in hotels at least once a week,  I missed several days of work because of the issues I had with my place, and my mom landed herself in the hospital in Utah and Hawaii for high blood pressure and a bacterial infection she had contracted from staying with me for two weeks.

August was a nightmare and it took a lot for me to get sufficient rest.  When things finally died down and I was able to do something for myself, I decided to book a trip to Arizona.  I knew that I wanted to move back to Hawaii after I dealt with the last incident from my property manager and owner.  Utah County and the mindset here just wasn't for me anymore.  I have a solid belief in God and the karma of being a good person, but as far as religion and where I'm headed concerning that, Utah just isn't where I want to be.  But anyway, I'm going off on a tangent.  I wanted to see a couple of people in Arizona before I departed to Hawaii.  And I figured if I booked a trip so close to my trip back home to Hawaii, I'd get the travel bug out of my system for the time being.

It seemed to work.  Arriving in Phoenix was fun.  I thought Arizona had an interesting atmosphere.  It was cool to see the palm trees and get a glimpse of the desert.  I have to say, though, I have never seen such a slow pace.  I never thought I'd see the day when I actually visited a place that was boring-er than Utah.  Yes, I said boring-er.  I live in Utah County where there's virtually NOTHING to do, but Arizona was SUPER dead.  And to be honest, once I stepped foot outside, I didn't want to do anything anyway.  It was one degree hotter than hell.  Everyone told me it cooled down in September, but it was 103 degrees at 10 o'clock at night.  Yeah, that's not cool to me.

I met up with some very good friends while I was there though.  I was hoping that I'd see my friend Damian in Tucson, but he got out late from a board meeting the day before I was leaving, and he didn't have time to drive up to Chandler, where I was staying.  I saw a friend from my old ward, and it was good to visit with her.  And I spent some time with my friend Phil.  Phil and I basically watched movies, ate some gouda cheese & sipped on champagne and some pretty bomb wine.  Hey, no use the champagne going to waste when he'd already bought it. :D  By the time I hung out with Phil on Friday, though, everything had caught up with me.  I was hot, tired, grouchy and bored.  Lesson learned, don't go anywhere without a car.  I think I probably would have enjoyed my Arizona trip a little better if I had been able to go to and fro by my own accord.  Don't get me wrong, the people that were hosting me were extremely gracious about taking me where I needed to go, but when they were at work or school, I regretted not putting myself in a more independent situation.  I wished I could have just driven down to Tucson myself or checked to see if a nightlife was actually existent in Chandler. lol.

Still, I don't regret one second of my trip to Arizona.  It was a very short trip, and I enjoyed the people that I met while I was there.  Now I can say that I saw Arizona and I even had a couple romantic experiences as well. :) I'm excited to be back home in Hawaii, but I have been having some anxiety also.  I'm going to miss the accessibility of the mainland and the fact that I could live independently here.  I found myself a little this month, and as difficult as some of the circumstances were, I thoroughly enjoyed my freedom.  I will miss my space.  And I don't want to ever be confined to the point where I become codependent on others in the way I view myself.  I liked hanging out with myself. LOL.

It will be nice to be around my mom and brothers, and I'm looking forward to having more of a settled life.  But I'm going to miss my short gypsy adventures. :(  Oh well.  I guess I can just lie on the beach when I get irritated with my family, because I know they won't EVER get irritated with me. :D  I really fell in love with all the people I stayed with.  I know I don't say a lot or show a lot of emotions, but it was great getting to know everybody.  And I found that I'm a very easy person to love as well. LOL.  In fact, I got an offer to live in Arizona if I wanted to, which was flattering, but yeah, I'll end up murdering someone if I'm hot like that all the time.

I'll miss Phil (even though he seemed pretty happy to get rid of me. LOL)  Jerk.  And I loved listening to Rachel play the ukulele and sax.  (I so didn't enjoy the Phoenix airport though.)  I always thought I could live anywhere as long as I worked for the airlines, but yeah, I don't want to work in Phoenix.  I'll just get a really good job so I can travel whenever I want.  I hope I see my Arizona peoples in Hawaii very, VERY soon.

And I'll see all my familia in Hawaii in about three days! :)  For now... Kat and I are going to ENJOY these next few days!!! :)