Friday, June 29, 2012

Nine months... and I'm not pregnant :)

Sometimes I literally have to pinch myself... life is good.

It's officially my nine-month anniversary since I moved to Hawaii, and life has been good.  I've met all different types of people from many different walks of life, and I absolutely love it here.  The atmosphere is so laid-back, and the acceptance and love I've received has been insurmountable.  It's been a blessing...

My perspective on a lot has changed quite a bit... but it's been worth it.  My job has been a lot of fun, and I love hanging out with comedians.  They're so raunchy and bold, but they are who they are.  None of them censor themselves, which is nice.  I'm not around a bunch of uptight people anymore.  It's great.  I finally feel free.

...and it's amazing.